Rolex Day-Date Ref. 1807

This yellow gold Rolex 1807 represents Cloister’s commitment to the balance between creativity and subtlety. On the wrist, this watch looks much like it did when it was built by Rolex in 1969. With its original Florentine dial, original bark finish President bracelet, and original bezel and case, this watch could be simply a pristine example of late 1960s Day-Date design.

Yet upon closer inspection, the Cloister President is anything but stock. We began with an unworn, new old stock Ref. 1807 Day-Date, which took several months to source and acquire. After a full mechanical restoration, while the new owner enjoyed the watch, we procured a second set of OEM calendar discs, and designed a simple but powerful scheme.

Each day was replaced with the single word “today” and the sequential numbers of the standard calendar disc were reimagined to display, alternatingly, this watch’s new owner’s lucky numbers. Calendar disc text was matched to the original gold of the Florentine dial, and then set against a royal green background.

Execution of this scheme required using several incredibly thin coats of India ink. The goal was simple. To ensure the highest quality finish without adding any additional depth to the calendar discs due to the tight tolerances between the discs and the underside of the dial.

Once the calendar discs were returned from Bavaria, they were fitted to the watch and an additional service was completed. Finally, the Cyclops lens was polished off of the original crystal, by hand, to create an affect more consistent with the appearance of the upper “day” window. The result was a watch which, at first glance, appears factory original, but upon closer inspection betrays its secrets.