Rolex Datejust Ref. 1600

This “Just Orange” Datejust is a variation of the first Cloister Project ever completed; the first example was conceived and executed in Spring, 2009 and the idea was a simple one: Restore a long-forgotten Rolex Datejust to the forefront of its owner’s collection.

For the first “Just Orange” Datejust, we mixed the color that now adorns this Rolex Datejust Ref. 1600 (smooth bezel version) using a physical palette and oil paints. Yellow, red, and white were hand mixed until the perfect hue was achieved.

Once completed, the physical color sample was sent to Bavaria, where our refinisher faithfully replicated the color and applied it to the Datejust’s pie pan dial. Simultaneously, the watch underwent a full mechanical restoration.

This example represents a more recent Just Orange Datejust. The color was replicated from the first example, but this watch also features a custom fabricated exhibition caseback with sapphire crystal. We removed the original Jubilee bracelet from this piece and replaced it with a bespoke matte black calf strap executed in Paris. The contrast stitching was matched to the color of the dial, and a period-correct, stainless steel Rolex tang buckle was fitted. The original Ref. 1600 bezel was retained, completing this example.