Panerai Firenze 1860

This custom project represents a marked departure from Cloister’s typical work. Our bespoke wristwatches are nearly always crafted from vintage watches. This watch was borne of a contemporary base. Our wristwatches are almost always sourced by Cloister at the beginning of our projects. This watch was supplied by its original owner to be reimagined and returned to him. And our watches almost always require full mechanical restorations; this piece was is near-perfect mechanical and aesthetic condition.

However, the Hampton Panerai is ultimately a perfect example of Cloister’s work. After purchasing this watch new, its owner noticed that it had been suffering from neglect as he tended to wear more complicated and compelling pieces. We sought to rectify this by renewing the watch’s design while leaving the piece functionally unchanged.

The design process was one of pure creativity. We began with a color sample selected by the piece’s owner, in this case a matte powder-blue reminiscent of 1960s sports cars. The dial and hands of the watch were removed and sent to our painter in California, where the new color was applied also to the hands in place of the original lume.

Taking a cue from the existing calendar disc with white lettering against a black background, we next reimagined the sub-seconds dial of this watch in a symmetric black/ white scheme intended to balance the date complication while providing a level of visual complexity previously absent from the piece.

Next, the word “Panerai” was lowered from the upper portion of the dial and rendered in a delicate script, with the original wording balanced by a unique font and placement. The original hour markers were retained, and the six- and twelve-o-clock numerals were refinished in white to match the new dial text scheme.

Prior to completion of this project, the original bracelet of the watch was tightened and polished, and the watch received a routine service intended to ensure that the piece was mechanically prepared for renewed use and enjoyment.