Rolex Ref. 1807 “Bark Finish” Day-Date
in Rose Gold

This his & hers project began with a months-long search for two watches so special that each merits individual description.

Finding any Rose Gold Rolex from the 1960s is difficult. Finding a Rose Gold Rolex Day-Date (known colloquially as the President) is more difficult still. Finding a Ref. 1807 “Bark Finish” Day-Date in Rose Gold is nearly impossible. The Rose Gold Ref. 1807 which served as the basis for this project was initially ordered on behalf of the Sultan of Oman, and the interior of the case bears the mark of the Sultanate, as did the original dial. It was sourced from a jewler in London.

Once both watches were delivered, each received a full mechanical overhaul as well as restorations of the original President bracelets to remove all give in the links.

The dials were redesigned with a focus on subtle modernization. Both watches received identical dial treatment, with a deep blue metallic scheme applied with a sunray finish. The text was rendered in a deep grey, with lower text on both dials deleted and replaced by the initials “MB.”

The only divergence in design between the rose gold Ref. 1807 and the white gold Ref. 1803 can be seen in the treatment of the calendar discs. Both watches feature date discs rendered in an inverse scheme, with the background color matched to the dial text, and the text color matched to the background of the dial.

The day disc of the rose gold Ref. 1807 features the seven days of the week executed in a the same inverse color scheme as the dial of the watch. The white gold Ref. 1803’s day disc, however, was altered to display the names of the new owner’s children.

Both watches were reassembled and fitted with their restored bracelets. Additionally, however, both watches received a set of interchangeable custom fabricated straps from ABP Paris. Straps were rendered in matte brown crocodile and brown suede, and each strap was fitted with a period correct 18 karat gold Rolex tang buckle.